Ask Applejack, 5,000 Followers~
Ask Applejack

Decided to not do risque out of respect for a good friend of mine.  Anyway, here we have it folks, my 5,000 follower post!

It’s been a long time since I first started up this blog.  ApplejackAsks was made shortly after the original Pinkamena Diane Pie by CrookedTrees was founded…by the mod.  I have learned so much about how to become a better artist just by being here for all of you.  Sorry I don’t update often anymore, it’s quite a hassle when I have other commitments in the real world to attend to.  I don’t plan to leave you guys, and I hope you don’t plan to leave me.

On the note of not leaving, I do have things planned for this blog. Sorry if your questions aren’t being answered, there’s a point at which I draw a line for trying to work questions in and just continue with the flow of things. The first big thing working in knowledge of the SCP Foundation wiki.  After hitting an art rut, I decided to try something out of the ordinary (to my knowledge) for a Pony blog.  The total amount of SCP articles I have to work with to help jog my artistic juices is so overwhelming. 

Don’t worry, Applejack is in no real danger, there’s the conveniently-left-unexplained Elements of Harmony.  All we know about them is that they are made to keep Equestria from disaster.  What’s to say that the elements themselves can’t protect the ponies that represent them?  I’m going to have fun creating and sharing some of my own headcanon for the elements. 

No, I don’t plan on making a bad fanfiction, maybe a little convoluted at times, but I am trying to keep it entertaining, or at least interesting. I have seen enough drama on Tumblr. to know what to avoid and what I can push.

For those that aren’t familiar with the SCP that was used a two updates ago, that is SCP-113, it’s basically a sex-change stone that changes any creature who physically makes contact with it into the opposite sex.  Mind you, the process is mind-numbingly painful from the description, as indicated by the blackout. Luckily, Applejack survived without a hitch, but repeated use can cause drastic side effects.  So she’s done interacting with 113 for her life.

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