Ask Applejack, Taking a break from the story arc with Trixie for...
Ask Applejack

Taking a break from the story arc with Trixie for some normal asks!  I actually missed these.



1: Apples, apples, apples.  That’s all I ever seem to get.  This got old in the first few weeks of making this Tumblr.  Please refrain from asking about apples unless it is VERY creative.

2:  Don’t RP, or role play.   I do not respond, nor do I care for these posts.  I’m not going to insert your character into an ask because you wanted hugs.  There has to be something about YOU that I like, or find interesting for this to happen.

3:  Be mature.  Mature being no porn.  Notice how all the posts on this particular blog reach only highly suggestive content, never showing actual bits without a NSFW or adult tagging.  If there are any that don’t fit this, please inform me.

4: Creativity will almost guarantee a response.  Like, for Transforming Rarity, I got a lovely Fairly OddParents reference as an ask.  I just haven’t answered it because it’s too creative.  I can’t do it any justice at the moment.  I do have it on the backburner though.